Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.



60 minutes - $65.00   - 30 minutes - $35.00


5 Min. Foot or Hand Session          $15.00 

20 Min. Complete VRT Session        $35.00 

Vertical foot technique –client stands or props working foot on stool/chair
Vertical hand technique-client bears weight on a table or flat surface
More information is available here: Vertical Reflexology

Reflex Percussion:

10 minute session                     $25.00

Increases Circulation and Oxygenates the blood, with focus on the Kidney Meridian
A 10 minute Percussion session is equivalent to one hour of traditional Reflexology
More information will soon be available here: DRUMmer Percussion Reflexology

VITA FLEX Sessions:                

30 minutes VitaFlex                           $45.00

(with Young Living’s Therapeutic-grade essential oils Vita-Flexed into Spinal Reflexes on Feet) 

BioMat Session - Quantum Energetics:

Amethyst Far InfraRed & Tourmaline Negative Ion Technology
More information is available here: The BioMat

Bio Mat Quantum Energetics 20 minute session:    $35.00

Save Money with our Pre-Paid BioMat Bundle Packs:

4 - 9 sessions                                                   $25.00 each
10 sessions                                                      $20.00 each

Combo: 30 minute BioMat Session w/30 minutes Reflexology            $65.00
Combo: 60 minute BioMat Session w/1 Hour Reflexology                    $95.00


25 minute foot detox:                                                $35.00

More information will soon be available here: IONIC FOOT DETOX

Combo: Ionic Foot Detox w/ 1 Hour Reflexology                                  $90 (Save $5)


Feet:                  $15               Hands:          $10

More information will soon be available here: PARAFIN WAX BATH


Aromatherapy with therapeutic grade oils enhance the experience of your reflexology session and result in deeper relaxation.

30 Minute Revitalizing "Nap" with essential oils and BioMat:              $45.00

Essential Oils incorporated into Reflexology Session:                         $10.00

More information can be found here: Aromatherapy


15 Minutes                                                                                   $30.00

The Chi Vitalizer creates passive exercise movement, increasing circulation & oxygenation throughout the body.  Great for neuropathy or poor circulation in the legs and feet.
More information will soon be available here: CHI VITALIZER


$40 - Both Ears / $30 one ear

More information will soon be available here: EAR CANDLING




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