My name is Diana Foley, ARCB Certified Reflexologist, and the owner/operator of Healing Hands Reflexology in Austin, Texas.   I am trained and certified in the Ingham Method of Reflexology under Dwight Byers at the International Institute of Reflexology and have advanced clinical training in ART (Advanced Reflexology Therapy), having had the privelege to study under Tony Porter, of the U.K. 

 I have also studied Integrative Reflexology under Bill Flocco, American Academy of Reflexology where reflexology is performed on the feet and the hands, incorporating auricular therapy of the ears in the same session.   

Where appropriate I also offer the Booth method of Vertical Hand and Foot Reflexology...a short 5-10 minute session conducted while the client is standing...much more intense but very effective.


To enchance the atmostphere of peace and tranquility for the client so that they might experience total relaxation, I integrate the use of ThermoTherapy with the Amethyst BioMat and therapeutic grade essential oils and aromatherapy.


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